In the Book of Habakkuk, the prophet speaks a warning in the midst of the people. He is told to write the vision and make it plain. Our Vision Statement is written to clarify our understanding of what we mean as it relates to the Life of Jesus. We want to reclaim the Life of Jesus as the central focus of everything we do. Pastor will continue to preach the Life of Jesus from His birth unto His second coming, so that He becomes very personal to each of us. It is a task that Pastor has asked Christ to allow him to finish, so that we learn to worship and wait on Him. “Jesus Christ has been lost in most churches; May He never be lost here; that we see Him everything we do in worship and in dealing with each other.” This burden of Pastor’s heart, and the course of our instruction is outlined as follows:

The Life of Jesus

  • A Submissive Life – Mark 26:36-45
  • A Serving Life – Luke 2:26-27
  • A Sacrificial Life – Matthew 20:28
  • A Single-Minded Life – Luke 2:49
  • A Sanctified Life – John 17:19

The Teachings of Jesus

  • They were Different – John 7:44-46
  • They were Dynamic – Luke 4:31-36
  • They were Daring – Luke 16-30
  • They were Direct – Matthew 13:10-11
  • They were Disturbing – Mark 11:15-18

The Ministry of Jesus

  • Compassionate – Luke 7:11-15
  • Cross-Cultural – Matthew 15:21-28, John 4
  • Creative – John 6:1-3
  • Clear – Matthew 15:24
  • Consistent – Matthew 8:16-17, Matthew 18:11, John :11-13

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