Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Bible Study Notes – 05/23/18

Pastor Washington, Pastor/Teacher

Lord, Teach Us To Pray!

Scripture reference:

  • Luke 11:1
  • Matthew 6:9-13

The Model Prayer

  1. Our Father – The Relationship of Prayer
  2. Which Art in Heaven – The Reach of prayer
  3. Hallowed be Thy Name – The Reverence of Prayer
  4. They Kingdom Come -Thy Will be Done- The Request of Prayer
  5. Give Us This Day – The Resource of Prayer
  6. Forgive us our Debts – The Release of Prayer
  7. Lead Us Not Into Temptation – The Resistance of Prayer
  8. Deliver us from evil – The Rescue of Prayer
  9. For Thine is the Kingdom & The Power – The Recognition of Prayer
  10. Amen – The Resolution of Prayer

God is Sovereign. Holy. Just. Righteous. Perfect. Omniscient

God operates through His Love. Grace. Mercy. Long-Suffering-Goodness. Kindness.

There is anxiety in an unbalanced prayer life. We must live balanced lives.

Jesus knew everything about God, and that is what made His prayer life so effective. Prayer is communion with the Father. For our prayers to be effective we must get past our expected limitations. We need to understand the nature of God (1 Peter 5:6-7).

Don’t Seek the thing. Seek the King.

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