Romans 9-11

Bible Study Notes – 05/30/18

Pastor Washington, Pastor/Teacher

Scripture reference:

  • Romans 9-11

Jesus is the King. He Has a Kingdom. There is The Kingdom of Heaven, and there is the Kingdom of God. The word “Kingdom” is used 32 x in Book of Matthew. Everything that we should understand is about “The Kingdom,” whether of Heaven or of God. In the Kingdom of God He has The Right. The Reign. The Rule. The Realm.

An expression of God’s Right is that He has the right to be King. He is on the throne and he has always been. He rules and He rules over a specific territory. God has the right to reign and to rule over this reign. O.T. References: Psalms 11:4; Psalms 45:6; Psalms 47:8. They speak to the fact that there is a God. He has a throne. He is King. He has a Kingdom. Other references: Psalms 93:2; Psalms 103:19; Daniel 4:34.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Matthew emphasizes the sovereignty of God. He is helping the early church who were Jews to understand that Jesus Christ is Messiah because God ordained Him to be so. He was rejected by them because they limited Him the way we do. He does not come the way we want Him to.

They wanted a deliverer and He did not restore Israel against the Roman government. They looked for restoration for the nation and failed to realize the urgency of His resurrection. Jesus is our King because God pre-determined that He would be.

The Monarchy of Jesus is Authority – The Sovereignty of God is Humility

These both have to do with our character. Jesus is the model, our example of this truth. He lived His life in perfect balance (Matthew 7:28-29) People recognized his authority. He has so much humility that He calls God Father, and He does nothing without checking with the Father. He is God in the flesh and He does nothing without the Father’s permission. (Matthew 26:36)-The King

talks to the Father. We ought to learn the same character as Jesus when we pray. That is.. To adhere to God’s ways.

Chapter Outline of the Gospel Book of Matthew

  • The Coming of the King – (Introduction of the King) Matthew Chapters 1-4
  • The Constitution of The Kingdom – (What is the Kingdom Like?) Matthew Chapters 5-7
  • The Credentials of The King – (His methodology-His actions) Matthew Chapters 8-11
  • The Conflicts of the King – (Opposition Rises against Him) Matthew Chapters 12-23
  • The Conquest of the King (The Olivet Discourse – Betrayal – Crucifixion – Resurrection) Matthew Chapters 24-28

The people’s response was rooted in what He said in:

  • Matthew 5 (Kingdom Character)
  • Matthew 6 (Kingdom Conduct)
  • Matthew 7 (Kingdom Convictions)

He came to change Israel- not their political or social status. These are not His priority- not how much these things impact us, but how much we impact them. He expects us to change in our situations because of who we are in Him. Situations may not change, but we can.

People who have the proper character will have proper conduct and this is seen in how we talk to God. Never forget who I am as a Child of God, but remember, who My Father is. Our attitude must be adjusted. WE ask God because He is our Father and we have the right to come to Him.

We can come boldly, but boldness is not the absence of humility. Jesus never came to God without a demanding spirit. He is our model for prayer. We need to lock into Him to see how prayer and praying works. He always has an answer. We ought to pray in such a way that we always get an answer.

Reading Assignment: Matthew 6:9 Everyday!

Read Acts Chapters 1-7 (Unity) – Unity happens when the people of God pray first and in the right way. Authority is access to God’s Power!

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