God is Omniscient

Bible Study Notes – 02/21/18

Pastor Washington, Pastor/Teacher

God is Omniscient

Scripture References:

  • Isaiah 40:26-28
  • Matthew 6:7-8
  • Matthew 10:29-30

God knows everything at once, so what conclusions do we come to when talking to Him. Know this!

  1. I cannot hide anything from Him
  2. He is aware of my real need
  3. He deals with me based on His purpose for me
  4. His answer will always be based on His purpose

If God already knows-Why pray!? What’s the point?

The Bible is clear on Him being omniscient, having all knowledge, all understanding-all at one time. All prophecy in scripture is rooted in this truth. No other.

Foreknowledge, Predestination, election, are all rooted in the omniscience of God (Deu. 29:29). Some things we will never understand. Humans want to know everything. We’re not satisfied not knowing, even if it’s not the truth.

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